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Understanding PRMs

Understanding PRMs

What are pro-resolving mediators, and how do they help us feel great?

Whether you’re an ultramarathon runner or a do-a-lap-around-the-block walker, you and your immune system can benefit from pro-resolving mediators (PRMs). PRMs are oxidized lipids—or fats—that derive from omega-3s and ultimately help the immune system effectively communicate with itself. When an inflammatory event in the body has run its course and achieved its purpose, the body pulls omega-3 fats from cells and converts them into PRMs. These PRMs then communicate with active immune cells, suggesting reduced immune activity and a switch to the healing or tissue rebuilding phase.

There are many types of PRMs. The active classes that communicate with the immune system are divided into various subgroups such as resolvins, meresins, lipoxins, and protectins. Steward Supplements’ marine superfoods contain trace amounts of these factors and—more importantly—contain pre-resolving mediators, which the body can convert into active PRMs on an “as needed” basis. Pre-resolving mediators include 14-HDHA, 17-HDHA, and 18-HEPE.

No matter your activity level, providing your body with elevated levels of PRMs can help your immune system function in a balanced fashion that supports immediate and long-term optimal health.

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