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Those who benefit from the sea have a responsibility to protect it for the health of future generations.

At Steward Supplements, we believe stewardship means those who benefit from the sea have a responsibility to protect it for the health of future generations. Our bottles label us as a fish oil company, but we’re more than that. It’s not just about the health our products promote—it’s about the health of the practice of creating our products. From catch to capsule, we are stewards of the sea. Our fish are caught one at a time, and our products improve your health one day at a time. It’s all an investment in a healthy future—for you and for the environment that supplies our marine resources.

We came together as a fragmented group: we had fishermen, we had marketers, we had a scientist. What united us was the idea that you can take care of yourself while taking care of the environment. It’s not enough to simply make a profit—because what use is money if the environment can no longer sustain us? If there are no fish left in the sea?

The ocean is in our blood, and our most valued business partner is the Bering Sea. The products we sell are natural marine lipid superfoods, but our true product is the business of doing better: doing better as individuals, doing better for the environment, doing better for the sake of humanity. One fish—one bottle—at a time.

The Alaska Advantage

Different water, different quality—the Bering Sea benefit

The Bering Sea—where we catch our Alaskan cod—is known for being one of the purest bodies of water in the world. It has little-to-no recorded mercury levels and significantly less pollution than the Atlantic Ocean. Some specific regions of the Atlantic have been overfished, and some have even lost MSC-certifications as a result. What we eat as humans can affect our health—the same goes for fish. Fish from certain bodies of water in the Atlantic are more likely to become rancid at a quicker pace because of the water quality—that’s not the case with fish from Alaska.

Know what's in our fish oil

A healthier, cleaner fish

Cleaner fish create cleaner fish oil. Alaskan cod have very low levels of organic pollutants and heavy metals, so they don’t require refinement that would strip them of their natural vitamins and fatty acids. A fish (and fish oil) with more beneficial nutrients leads to a you with more beneficial nutrients.

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Our practices

Only taking what we need

Alaskan cod are caught one at a time using a “long line”—it has low environmental impact because it keeps the fish alive, allowing us to safely let go of by-catch (we limit nontarget by-catch to less than one percent). We only catch what we use.

Catch up on our practices

Frozen for freshness

Each cod liver is extracted shortly after coming on board our fishing vessel and flash frozen to -35°C, locking in freshness. Then, it’s sent to our rendering facility, located just down the street from where we dock our ships in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

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Refined, sealed, delivered

Once the livers reach our rendering facility, they’re turned into a paste. Then, the oil is extracted and processed at low temperatures to preserve its nutrients and fatty acids. Due to the freshness of our ingredients, we don’t need high heat to process our oil. After one more refining process to reduce any impurities, the purified oil is bottled or turned into capsules, ready to be consumed by you.

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