Steward Supplements



From catch to capsule

Our purpose is to set the global standard for responsibly harvested marine ingredients in the creation of health products. We own part of the largest Alaskan freezer longline company in the United States, and we’ve been aligned with the Marine Stewardship Council since 2006.

Not all fish oils are created equal, which is why we value complete transparency. We’re present at every point of the chain of custody, from catching our fish to treating our fish to harvesting the oil. And our partners like Clipper Seafoods, who help us harvest our raw materials, are like-minded and have mutual interests in preservation and transparency. We’ve created the purest process for the purest product (which we like to call “Nature’s Marine Superfood”), and we know where our fish oil comes from, down to the captain, crew, and ship that retrieved each fish—even the specific location it was caught in the Bering Sea.

To take our commitment to a healthy process one step further, we use glass packaging (instead of plastic) in an effort to lessen our environmental impact.

Know what's in our fish oil

We know where our fish oil comes from, and we encourage you to know, too. Each of our products’ bottles has a batch code stamped on it, so you can know what's in our fish oil. We support transparency through every step of the way, so we share everything we know with you.

Each of our products has a certificate of analysis (COA), which documents the various tests our products have gone through and assures that what we’re saying about our fish oil is true. Specifically, the COA reports on the levels of: fatty acids, environmental toxins, heavy metals, oxidation, and vitamins.

Our marine superfoods wear their COAs as a badge of honor—see for yourself how your fish oil did by typing in the batch number.