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Why is Steward Supplements better than other fish oil companies?

Through our common ownership interest with the large fishing company Bristol Bay Alaska Seafoods (BBAS), we know where our fish oil comes from and can guarantee our materials are sustainably sourced. Because our raw materials are processed at sea and the livers are flash frozen to -35°C aboard the ship, the oxidization process is put on pause within 20 minutes of the catch. This is the main reason our products are so fresh and contain naturally high levels of vitamins and omegas. Our processing facility is located within minutes of the vessel-offload zone in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, which decreases the transportation time of the raw material and allows for faster processing—resulting in a premium product.

What’s the difference between Steward Supplements’ Nature’s Marine Superfoods and other fish oils?

What’s the difference between taking fish oil and eating fish?


Does Steward Supplements’ manufacturing process use high heat or damage or remove beneficial compounds from the products?

Steward Supplements’ objective is to produce a premium cod liver oil that is minimally processed and retains a high degree of naturally occurring vitamins. Our Alaskan cod naturally has low toxicant numbers, which allows us to use a lighter hand in our treatment process. Our oil is categorized as semi-refined, as we never exceed a heat level of 90°C in our treatment process. The only refining procedure our oil goes through is the distillation process, which removes small amounts of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), making the oil California Prop-65 compliant. We test our fish oil before and after our proprietary manufacturing process, and there is little to no transformation of the nutrient profile.

Where are Steward Supplements’ products manufactured, encapsulated, and bottled?


Do your products contain harmful contaminants such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)?

No. Steward Supplements’ marine superfoods are tested for over 450 potential environmental toxins by the prestigious German testing laboratory Eurofins Labs. Steward’s proprietary production process gently cleans natural lipid complexes to ensure compliance with all national and international quality regulations. The Bering Sea is known to be one of the most pristine environments on the planet; therefore, our process only requires a very light touch that doesn’t alter the health-promoting, nature-formed nutrient profile.

How do you test your products?

Ingredients and sourcing

What’s unique about your products?

Most available fish oil products are highly refined in order to remove potential environmental toxins, leaving only the fatty acids. Steward Supplements harvests fish from the pristine Bering Sea and freezes the material used to make marine superfoods aboard the vessels soon after the catch. The combination of a clean ocean and flash freezing captures a pure raw material that requires very little processing. Minimal processing means our marine superfoods deliver combinations of nutrients that may more effectively promote optimal health and wellness than other fish oils.

How do you harvest the raw materials used for your products?

How do you keep your products from going bad?