Steward Supplements

We believe those who benefit from the sea have a responsibility to protect it for the health of future generations.

Catch to capsule

Traced through the entire supply chain

100% pure

Made from MSC-certified fish oil, nothing more

Alaska advantage

Caught in the cold, clear waters of the Bering Sea

Healthy you

Packed with benefits for your mind and body

Our Process

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Steward your mind, body, and sea

Clear your mind

From depression and anxiety to brain fog and mental decline, studies suggest omega-3s help with cognitive health—so you can be sharp and present now and in the future. One particular omega-3 fatty acid, DHA, is a primary structural component of your brain and the retinas of your eyes. Our fish oils also contain nutrients such as vitamin D and pro-resolving mediators that promote a protective immune environment for the brain and neurological system. With 100 percent pure and sustainable ingredients, our products don’t just help you achieve and maintain a clear mind—they give you a clear conscience, too.

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Benefit your body

Scientists say omega-3s may reduce inflammation, strengthen heart health, boost your immune system and metabolism, and improve your hair, eyes, and skin—so you can feel your best, whether you’re running a marathon or running errands. Power nutrients—such as vitamin D, vitamin A, and pro-resolving mediators—help the immune system function in a balanced, adaptive way. Balanced immune activity helps you protect yourself from viruses and bacteria while treating your organs and tissues with tender, loving care.

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Protect our sea

Well before Steward Supplements came to be, our founders were practicing, lobbying, and leading the seafood industry in sustainable and ethical fishing practices. We put our environment first—if there is no resource, we have no business. Over the years, fisheries have evolved to become rationalized, allowing the sector to fish collectively under one quota system, which forces the industry to be slow and steady rather than fast and greedy so we can maintain a healthy fish population for the long-term. We work closely with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Marine Fisheries Service, who conduct an annual cod survey to determine the biomass level (the rate at which ecosystems are repopulating and sustaining themselves). We want to ensure there will be fish for our generation and many generations to come.

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